Nineteen v.29

July 1st, 2011

Nineteen v.29 movie

This video contains six of the best scenes from the past twenty-eight Nineteen video magazines. It ’s their first best of video. Enjoy! Steve’s Dad Touched Me; Interview with Silvia Saint; The Audit; Little Sister; The Adventures of Young Jim Powers, and more.

Pornstars in the movie : Mazzie Paige, Blondie, Lola, Vivi Anne, Gina Ryder, Silvia Saint, Melissa Ashley (as Anne Howe), See Star Bios…

The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom #33

July 1st, 2011

The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom #33 movie

Secluded in the forest, Jenny feels free to get her perfect ass plowed while her man feels free to dish up a faceful of hot jizz. A pair of sweet, Sapphic strippers, Elisabeth and Brandy, practice their dance moves for P.T. Pussy-eating and dildo-diddling inspire a creamy load from the camera man. Peeping Tom watches as Mallory’s sweet, natural breasts bounce through a fuck on the sofa. The big load she earns makes her smile. Tan, beautiful Carol prefers dark meat treats. So Jamaica’s just the guy to fuck this tight, little Brazilian doggie-style on a balcony. Finally, a raven-haired Asian beauty, Tia, loves cock big…so she squeals with joy when her slender bod and tight pussy get worked by Mark’s hefty tool. Don’t miss out on the sensual adventures of Peeping Tom, the premiere documentarian of private sex!

Pornstars in the movie : Brandy (Porn Star), Rocky, Carol, Mark Anthony, Tia, Kid Jamaica, Carl, Elisabeth, Jenny, Mallory, Cisco

100% Masturbations Volume 5

July 1st, 2011

100% Masturbations Volume 5 movie

100% Masturbations v.5 is the ultimate get off movie in female orgasm shots, these hot sluts are delirious hot fun to watch.

Pornstars in the movie : Sunny, Katie, Jennifer, Jassie James, See Star Bios…

Pretty Little Latinas 1

July 1st, 2011

Pretty Little Latinas 1 movie

Look at these Brazilian popozudas! Beautiful brazilian bubble butts! All natural 100% brazilian ass! No silicone!!

Pornstars in the movie : Angel, Melissa, Claudia Bella, Paola, Bubbles

Slip Inside #2

June 30th, 2011

Slip Inside #2 movie

We have redesigned our box covers and elevated our quality to the highest level to bring you a solid option for your hard-core gonzo collection. As we continue to grow we have you , the fan’s, interest in mind. Thanks to all our fans for your support! Enjoy! Cheers! Hope you enjoy all of these oiled up bitches!!!

Pornstars in the movie : Brett Rockman, Nautica Thorn, Celestia, Cassie Courtland, Peyton L, Lexi Belle, See Star Bios…

The Young Like It Hot

June 30th, 2011

The Young Like It Hot movie

Hold the phone for exotic erotic pleasure. When the sexy operators of the Ocean Valley Telephone Company are in danger of losing their jobs to a computer, they all decide to give their customers a more personal touch! Caballero Video proudly brings you “The Young Like It Hot.” These girls will take you to the boiling point!

Pornstars in the movie : Shauna Grant, Hypatia Lee, Rose-Linda Kimball, See Star Bios…

Best Of John

June 30th, 2011

Best Of John movie

We’ve had more requests from our members to see more of John than almost anyone else on the site! on the site! Pretty much everyone thinks that John is a real hottie and based on feedback that we received from you, we’ve devoted an entire video to John…”The Best of John”. John is 21, stands 6′1 and weighs 215lbs.

We met him last fall and INSTANTLY fell head over heels over this guy. He has a great body, pefectly furry chest, great meaty butt and a nice fat cock. Let’s see how else can we compliment John? Oh yah..he’s one very cool guy with a terrific personality! This video contains full segments from John’s previous films: (The Hottie Boyz, Wrestling Meat, Deuces Wild 2 and Doug & Jay’s Private Collection 2) in addition to an unedited and as of yet unreleased straight fuck film we did with a great gal named Tyler.

This video contains full segments from John’s previous films: (The Hottie Boyz, Wrestling Meat, Deuces Wild 2 and Doug & Jay’s Private Collection 2) in addition to an unedited and as of yet unreleased straight fuck film we did with a great gal named Tyler.

John can do it all! This two video set is jam-packed with all the John you can handle as we didn’t want to leave out any footage. Watching John over the last many months has been an interesting experience as we’ve watched this straight guy explore his sexuality…and explore he has! We hope you enjoy this compilation of the best of John and be watching for this hottie to appear in more ASG films soon!

Pornstars in the movie : John

She Was An American Cougar

June 30th, 2011

She Was An American Cougar movie

We’ve all been to that dive bar down the street on that fateful night. There you are having a pint and you look across the bar and there she is… a cougar all by herself and looking for some young dick! SHE WAS AN AMERICAN COUGAR features some of the hottest girls over 40 who still got it going on and are ready for some action!

Pornstars in the movie : Mary Jane, Kimmi King, Sweet Tee, Amy Sutter

Bathhouse Boyz

June 30th, 2011

Bathhouse Boyz movie

Tipo Sesso brings another film chuck full of beautiful butt banging cuties. Its boyz night at the sauna and they cum out in droves to drain each other’s cocks. Jocks and twinks alike are blowing and bending each other over throughout the bathhouse in two ways and three ways that will put your heart in overdrive! These boyz shoot load after load all over each others hot, hard bodies! Enjoy the show!

Pornstars in the movie : Antonio, Daniel, Adrian, Brock Wilder, Sebastian Stone, Julian Benet, Chad Driver, Martin Noah, Michael Rocman, See Star Bios…

Mona Page - Busty Babysitter

June 30th, 2011

Mona Page - Busty Babysitter movie

Mona Page was a smooth skinned bra buster with healthy curves and a youthful face who appeared in a handful of XXX scenes in the early 80’s. Her limited output made her quite hard to find, but her dynamite body and gorgeous face made her hard to forget. Amongst die hard collectors of retro busty porn, she is the stuff of legend, and this first ever two hour DVD collection will certainly add to her growing fanatical following! Includes bonus still gallery.

Pornstars in the movie : Eric Edwards, Honey Wilder, Mona Page

Teen Fetish

June 30th, 2011

Teen Fetish movie

They think they know everything! Young sluts worship cock! Nasty teens doing nasty things! Fresh young pussy behind every corner! Dick slurpin’ babes! All they need on them is some latex and semen, which is what turns them on, the slippery surface of the combination of both!!

Pornstars in the movie : Missy, Patricia, Naudia, Vanilla, Cat

Slutty Teens 2

June 30th, 2011

Slutty Teens 2 movie

Our interracial video begins in a car, during the daytime, on a city street as Matt is talking about some girl he had seen moments earlier. Soon we come upon teen slut Maria, a college student waiting at a bus stop. Michael had seen her a couple weeks previously when she came over to get a hot teen fucking. Teen slut and college student Maria, 19, walks from bus stop.

Matt plays with Maria’s tits in Michael’s house. One great cocksucking teen, he tells Matt. He tells Matt to make a U-turn. The car pulls over, he gets out and calls to her. “Maria!” he shouts above the noise of traffic on the busy city street. “Need a ride?” This hot little cocksucking teen walks toward the car, says yes and gets in. Maria and Jason at night coming from a drug store.

Cocksucking teen gives a blowjob to Jason. Following introductions, we head back over to Michael’s house. As our teen slut and Matt fondle and kiss, she tells him she had gotten a good teen fucking from Jason in this same place recently. “Did you like it?” Matt asks. “Oh yes!” she replies. In the bedroom at last, Matt is attentive to her tits.

A talented young blowjob queen at work on Matt. Suddenly it is two weeks earlier, at night, and the camcorder’s greenish-gray night vision catches Jason and Maria coming from a drug store. They get in his car. They had just met in there (in the condoms section, maybe?), where Jason put some quick moves on her, offering to give her an excellent teen fucking in an amateur interracial porn movie.

Jason drives back to Michael’s house and we see them making out and fondling each other in the living room. She falls to her knees, unbuttons his jeans then pulls down his boxers. Our cocksucking teen proceeds to eagerly gobble Jason’s big black cock. Soon we see him giving her a hot, hard teen fucking from behind…. The right place for big black cock is in a legal age white teen girl’s eager mouth.

Teen fucking - Matt fucks Maria. Then we return back to the present moment where our teen slut and Matt are still in Michael’s living room, up against the wall. Matt is rubbing his hand all over her tits as she leans back against the wall. They head to a bedroom upstairs. We follow along behind.

Maria the cocksucking teen quickly pulls off Matt’s pants too and begins an interracial blowjob as Matt’s hand holds on to the back of her head. This hot teen slut drives him crazy by going down on him, holding most of his cock in her mouth, not bobbing up and down on it, and tongue flicking it.

Hard sexual intercourse. Matt loves licking teenage pussy. She startles both Matt and Michael when she interrupts the blowjob to announce for just how long she has been an eager cocksucking teen. They move into a 69 position. Matt spends a few delicious moments savoring what he calls her “perfect pussy.” We come in tight on Maria the cocksucking teen as she licks his long, fat cock, then his balls, then begins a nice slow blowjob. Then it’s on to teen fucking in missionary style as we pull in tight to get all the interracial action. “How do I know that phone number you gave me is real?”

Matt sees Maria for a second time. Maria loves to get nasty for the camera. She’s often wagging her tongue at the camera, clearly indicating she loves being a hot, wild teen slut and wants more. They move from missionary to doggie style for an extended period of hard teen fucking. Suddenly they are back in a 69 with her on top. The camera lingers on this nasty cocksucking teen’s oral ministrations as she patiently works his shaft then the head of his big black cock.

Teenage cocksuicker Maria knows what to do with a big black cock. Slutty teen Maria loves to show off for the camera. Soon she climbs aboard for another interracial fucking, this time facing away from him. We get very good footage of the deep penetration.

After several minutes of hard fucking, it’s back to doggie style and an internal cum shot as Matt blows his considerable load in her slutty cunt. All white girls should give black blowjobs upon request.

All white girls should get fucked like this on demand. Yes, it is Maria. Laying down in bed afterwards, Matt asks if she wants to do it again sometime. “Sure,” she says. Shielding her mouth from the camera, she gives him her phone number. “How do I know if it’s real?” he asks. Onscreen, she proves beyond any doubt her number is real. Four days pass, then they meet again. At Michael’s again. Maria gets a hard teen fucking. Matt opens up this teen slut. The second scene begins as Matt looks into the camera. “Guess what? I’m gonna give her another ride home. But first I am gonna ride her ass for a while!”

After throwing her dress at the camera, our wicked teen slut lays back, grabs Matt and literally flips him on top of her. Straddling her tits, he pushes his cock into her mouth and fucks her face. Suddenly she pushes on his thighs shoving him backwards, and he begins giving her a new teen fucking. Maria the cocksucking slut working hard to get Matt to cum in her mouth.

Maria the cocksucker succeeds and eats his cum. The interracial action continues with a lengthy blowjob scene as Maria the cocksucking teen swallows him both slowly and rapidly, deep and shallow until finally, at long last, he erupts in her mouth. Matt and Maria then take a two-hour break.

We next pick up the action as Matt is fucking Maria the teen slut rapidly, and she follows up with a tantalizing blowjob. Michael flipped the viewfinder over so she could watch herself suck cock as he continued shooting. This was soon followed by him fucking her from behind as she lay down on the bed on her tummy. We get in close both from above and below. Matt in a sexy teen fucking scene, note how he is rotating his hips. Cool dick in cunt shot as Matt fucks teen slut Maria doggie style.

Turning her over on her back, Matt shows off her pussy, looking at it in complete rapture. “Look at this,” he says in wonder. Then he sucks that sweet pussy. Maria goes back to gobbling his massive cock, we get every sloppy second of it, captured from above. Then Matt puts her on her bully and begins deeply and powerfully fucking her pussy, then shooting his load on her ass.

This slut sucks dick: Note the suction on the head of Matt’s rod. This is teen slut Maria’s only appearance for Dark Secret Video. Even though there are occasional technical problems with this production — auto focus went soft, some segments over-exposed a bit (rental camcorder), we did everything we could to minimize these for you. This is your only opportunity to add Maria, Matt and Jason to your interracial video collection! Get this hot teen slut now, she won’t be coming back!

Pornstars in the movie : Maria, Matt

It Takes Two 5

June 29th, 2011

It Takes Two 5 movie

When two girls want to have the same thing, they have to share. And that’s exactly what these girls do. Share the cock! There is nothing like getting two for the price of one. Join them as they show how it’s done. Aiden Starr and Alexa Jordan want to show you why two is the magic number! Featuring tag team tramps Tricia & Rebecca, Angelica & Maria, and Delotta & Leilani!

Pornstars in the movie : Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete, Maria Bellucci, Nat Turnher, Tricia Oaks, Rebeca Linares, Aiden Starr, Delotta Brown, Angelica Lane, Alexa Jordan, Leilani Li, See Star Bios…

Sticky Fingers 2

June 29th, 2011

Sticky Fingers 2 movie

Sit back and enjoy sixteen of Viv Thomas’s most beautiful girls performing the simple, sensual art of masturbation. Watch as they caress and tease their immaculate little tight wet pussies until they can’t take it anymore. Get in and get off.

Pornstars in the movie : Maria, Alissa, Peaches, Suzana, Jennifer Love, Silvia Saint, Kylie, Angie George, Sophie Moone, Nikki Rider, Franki, Stella Stevens, Hannah Hunter, White Angel, Gina B, Nikky Case, See Star Bios…

Footsie Babes 3

June 29th, 2011

Footsie Babes 3 movie

Cum see the latest and greatest in Foot Fetish FUN!! These dirty pugs use their PIGGYS to stroke and massage your manhood!! Watch as they do the deviant foot acts that you know you love!! Cum see loads of cum get spilled across arches, toes, and heels!!

Pornstars in the movie : Jo, Szilvia Lauren, Adriana Russo, Mercedes Dragon, See Star Bios…